Saturday, December 27, 2008

Festival in Mitaka

Right now I'm organizing my photos. Since I've been fighting with blogger to upload photos easily, (Dear Blogger staff: Your photo uploading is obnoxious, and why can't I just stick things in Picasa straight on to blogger? You can blog from Picasa, why not the other way around?) I've been looking at all the photos I didn't write about.I'm not going to say much, but there was a huge festival in Mitaka on September 13th and 14th.

I have written about some festivals in the past and I've been to a lot more. What makes this one special is it was literally right on my street. It was pretty crazy watching it go by right in front of my house. There are tons of pictures here and some pictures from Kichijoji here, which is one train stop away.

I shot some videos with my camera, and they are of a big drum that was rolling around town:

Festival in Mitaka: Giant Taiko. from Keith McCreary on Vimeo.
It was really loud and could be heard several, several blocks away.

There was also a dance performance at the shrine really close to my house.

Festival in Mitaka: Dance performance. from Keith McCreary on Vimeo.

It was a lot of fun. Check out the galleries for more pictures, but here are two that I'm quite proud of.

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