Monday, December 29, 2008

Megruo, Nakameguro, and getting lost.

Yesterday, I intended to go to a year end festival in Meguro and Nakameguro. That didn't exactly happen. I kind of forgot to write down where these festivals were happening, so I ended up walking for ages. The intention was to walk to Nakameguro, but after 2 and a half miles (4 KM), I ended up in Toritsudaigaku. Of course I brought my new camera along and I took pictures.

Before Meguro, I took this shot at a burger place in Shinjuku:
Looks safe to me.

This is some river in Meguro.

Down this long street there were a lot of really cool boutique shops. It was surprisingly nice.

The next few pictures are my attempts at HDR photography. Looks like I need to learn more about HDR and my camera. Oh well. I'm having fun trying.

That's a few blocks from Meguro station.

This is my third attempt at processing this picture.

That's a bridge on the way to Toritsudaigaku. I thought it would make for a good shot. I don't hate how this turned out, but it could be better.
And here's an alley right by Toritsudaigaku.

After that, I went to Nakameguro, which was on the surface kinda bland, but after walking through the back alleys by the river (I think it's a different river from my picture), it seemed to be quite a nice area.

It wasn't the day I planned, but I had a lot of fun. I had company and that really makes a difference when walking long distances.

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