Saturday, December 27, 2008

Return to Ontakesan.

I had a christmas package sent to my old address at the dorms in Ontakesan, so I headed there to pick it up. Unfortunately the dorm manager Aki wasn't there, but it was quite fun to walk around. It was nice to see the old place, and even though I hated living there for sound reasons (you can hear everything), it wasn't a bad place. Sure, the neighborhood is a bit boring, but it certainly isn't a bad place.

on the way back, there was a nice sunset I tried to capture.

That's Mt. Fuji in the background. Unfortunately, the fence on the bridge was in the way. Oh well.

Ontakesan main street. (I didn't take this picture)

And here is a nice sunset from the train station.

Anyways, Ontakesan was fun, and I see that the people living there have more chairs, more game systems, a bigger TV, and a lot more entertainment than I did. Too bad they have the same crappy doors that do nothing to block sound.

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