Saturday, December 27, 2008

National Diet Building


I went to the National Diet Building today. It was quite interesting to see. I was a little surprised to hear that it was made out of 99% Japanese materials. Not surprised so much at the fact, but more shocked that even in 1920, they imported building materials.

The tour guide told everyone that located at the top of the Diet Building was a room that was 2 tatami mats (about 71 x 71 inches). When asked what the room was used for, he kind of started stuttering, turned red, and started talking about elevators for some reason. I think he knew what was up there and I think it's a Ninja.

On an unrelated note, after much searching, I bought a nice new(ish) camera. It's a barely used Olympus E-510, and I think it is perfect for me. Considering I got the whole package of Camera, lens, memory card, and all the accessories for less than I earned in one day of teaching, I am quite pleased. Too bad I don't get paid like that every day.

Since I can, I'm trying to learn about HDR photography. Here is one example:

Nice, isn't it? It still doesn't look quite right, but since it's my first attempt, I'm pretty satisfied.

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