Monday, January 26, 2009


I went to go partition my hard drive on Friday and in the process, it messed up and nuked all my data. Well, the truth is, I probably could have recovered it, but I was thinking about reinstalling anyways, so I just went ahead and did that.

In the process I was dumb, and a combination of using the first version of Firefox 2 (I don't like Firefox 3), being lazy about installing an antivirus program, and installing a shady file that I shouldn't have, gave me a pretty nasty virus. I was stupid, but after not having a virus for years, I got cocky. I wasted way too much time trying to fix it yesterday and decided that I'm just going to re-reinstall.

On the plus side, before I partitioned I was smart and backed up everything except for a few processed pictures, which since I have the originals, it's not that big of a deal.

Anyways, my posts will be a bit slow as I need to reinstall a ton of programs to get back to normal. So, as always, thanks for reading and I hope you don't hate me for the delay.


Jon said...

Oooof! People still get viruses!?!

That's pretty sour times, my brutha. Big-ups for having the forethought to back-up. I've been similarly lucky a couple times.

Sounds like a great time to step it up to a 64-bit os, mayne!

Keith said...

Yeah. First time I got a virus in years.

Turns out my processor isn't 64 bit like I thought, just 2 X 32 bit cores. It's like the Jaguar of processors.

Gold stars for everyone who gets that joke.