Friday, January 16, 2009

Moving in a month and a half.

Looks like I AM moving. I've still got a month and a half, but it looks like I'm going to have to say goodbye to this apartment.

To make a really long story short, I moved in with 2 Japanese people. Apparently, my name never technically got on the lease. Now, they're moving out. If I want to get on the lease, I have to A) sign a new contract B) find 2 new people C) pay a huge fee for the new contract, and D) get a Japanese co-signer.

A and B would be no problem. C is an obstacle, because I can't afford it, but if I find 2 people willing to pay for it,then it would work out.

D presents a problem, and one that foreigners often stumble upon. A co-signer that resides in Japan is often required in order to rent houses. Since I wasn't on the lease, it wasn't needed, and until this afternoon my understanding was we needed ONE co-signer for the apartment, not one for everybody.

Given enough time and possibly money, I might have been able to get a co-signer, and if international co-signers were an option, I could easily get one, but they have to live in Japan.

But, the point is, I have to move. Nothing I can do about it. Oh well, I've got a month and a half, and it's been fun living in this apartment. Time to move on.

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