Tuesday, January 29, 2008


School started 2 weeks ago today, and 2 weeks ago today I started feeling ill. What started out as a common flu has branched out into a bronchial infection. In reality, this isn't that abnormal, and I've had bronchitis before, which I think is the same thing. The only problem now is I've missed so much school and I'm afraid of missing any more.
I went to the doctor on Friday and again today (Tuesday). The first doctor gave me some flu medicine and sent me on my way. The second doctor tested my blood and took some chest X-rays to determine that I did have something else wrong. The second doctor also spoke decent English. I am feeling significantly better than Friday, but it seems like after TWO WEEKS I should be healthy!

Oh well. I have no interesting updates because I haven't done anything. For now, I'm going to rest and maybe I'll be healthy enough to go take a Japanese quiz tomorrow. Time to study.

Edit: And another thing... Do they seriously not have anything like TUMS in this country? I went to go buy some heartburn medicine at a pharmacy and they had plenty of pills, but no chewable tablets. But seriously, nothing? All I want is a bottle of something for nights when I eat too much spicy food. Am I going to have to import heartburn medicine? This sucks.

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