Sunday, August 26, 2007

Akihabara and Harajuku

Today I went to Akihabara and Harajuku. Both of these places are places that are pretty much required to see, and both of these placs I will return to.

First off, I went with me and 3 other people. I wasn't quite sure what was going on, but I picked up on the fact that 2 of the people I went with are a couple and the girl was upset for some reason. I didn't understand what was going on, but I also didn't care to ask. At first I thought she was just kind of a bitch, but after today, I think I kind of understand her.

It was pretty annoying running around with 4 people. When you have 4 people that want to do 4 different things, it gets pretty tedious just organizing what to do. When you go to a place that's as crowded as where we went, it gets even worse, but one of the people who I went with (and who I think will be pretty awesome once she stops being shy and awkward) has bright pink hair.

Anyways, Akihabara was interesting, but as far as shopping is concerned, it wasn't quite as much as I expected. Maybe I didn't go to the right spots, but Den-Den town in Osaka seemed to be a more happening place. I also know they recently passed a law not allowing them to sell used electronics with built-in power supplies or something. Anyways, I fully plan on returning to Akihabara on my own and going down some of the side streets that I missed today.

As far as things going on, Akihabara was CRAZY! There were at least 7 or 8 singers or bands on the streets, and I got to see two dancing coke machines and a dancing coke bottle(?)!

After Akihabara, we all went to Harajuku. Everyone but me was looking at cell phones, and since I already had one that I love, I wanted to explore Harajuku on my own. So, after I dropped the dead weight, I got a chance to do some wandering. It was a LOT different than what I expected. All around Harajuku were REALLY fancy shops, and a road that stretched a really long time lined on both sides with super posh brand stores. For some reason, I thought Harajuku was closer to Haight Ashbury, Little 5 points, or some other grungy punk place in any city in America. But, no. It was all really really nice.

I finally found out where those Harajuku people hang out that are so famous. It took me forever to track them down, but that's because I went the wrong direction out of the train station. Once I did, there weren't many people there, which I assume was because it was hot and the sun was going down. What really surprised me is they were overall, really really friendly. I expected them to be too cool for school and kind of rude and angsty, but they were having a GREAT time and they seemed to be happy to have their photos taken. I met a girl who was holding a 'free hugs' sign. She was really sweet and seemed excited to talk to me in English, even though she couldn't say much. I really kind of want to go back and see if I can communicate with them either by myself or with someone who speaks Japanese fluently. I think I'd like to do an interview and see what they are thinking.

We took a picture together, but I look so bad, it's not worth showing. I guess I'll have to go back next week.

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