Thursday, July 31, 2008

My school blog.

For one of my classes, I've been working on a separate blog. I also did a documentary about a band. Check it out here:

I'm sorry for not posting recently. This summer has been just crazy. I thought I'd have a relaxing, even boring summer, but that's totally not the case. Now that summer classes are over, I'll hopefully have more free time.


Michelle said...

I really enjoyed the video!

It's awesome that she stands on the drum kit!

Keith said...

She seems to do it every show. I worry that she'll bump her head, but she's really short, so I guess that's not a problem. Musashi is such a firecracker on stage!

Thanks! I still wanna tighten it up a bit but I'm not sure that will happen. Anyways, I'm proud of it as is.

Michelle said...

I know how that goes. The timing is off on the one anime music video I made, but I'm proud of it anyway. ;)