Friday, March 14, 2008

My favorite band in Tokyo.

A few months ago, I went to go see my roommate's band. With his band, there were also a few other bands that played. One of them was the excellent Highered-Girl, who I highly recommend you check out their website. But, another band blew me away with their music, the singer's voice, and their overwhelming exuberance. That band is called BB Mojaco.

Made up of three of the finest individuals I've met around here, Mojaco is a delight to see. The drummer (pictured above in the center) is also the singer. Her exuberance and sheer joy while performing is unbelievable! The other members (guitarist on the left, bassist on the right) are also talented, energetic, and fun to watch on stage.

When I saw them live for the first time, I was first struck by their talent and accuracy. It was clear that they had practiced several times before and almost seemed to know what the other members were doing automatically. But, the major striking feature of the band is the lead singer's voice. It's amazingly robust and incredibly high. If you want to hear their muisc, click here.

But, this isn't really a story about music. It's more about the people themselves. After the first show I saw them at, I got their contact information, viewed their website and found out about future shows. Shortly after, I went back to America for christmas and missed their next show. I caught the show after that and afterwards, we went out drinking. I got to try sake from all across the country and enjoy the company of a lot of new people. The whole evening was a nonstop thrill ride filled with laughter, good discussions, and awkward English to Japanese translation difficulties. It was an absolute blast, and I had so much fun.

The third time I saw them was on a Monday night which I had Tuesday off. I had fun, but it wasn't the sake drinking nonstop riot that the first time was, since everyone had to work the next day, but it most certainly was fun.

The most recent time I saw them was a week ago Tuesday. I convinced my American friend in the area to come with me, as they were playing in her neighborhood. For reasons I don't quite understand, I had no school on Wednesday as it was a school holiday. We ended up staying up all night drinking beer and enjoying everyone's conversation. Needless to say I had yet another good time.

When will I see these guys again? I don't really know, but I can tell you that I am looking forward to it.

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